I'm a journalist based in L.A.

I write about Hollywood, politics and philanthropy. Contact me at tinadaunt@gmail.com

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Hollywood reporter political issue article
Hollywood Reporter

Meet President Obama's $500,000 Hollywood Power Couple ...

Meet President Obama's $500,000 Hollywood Power Cou...

1209960 meet 5 of hillary clinton s biggest hollywood confidants article
Hollywood Reporter

Meet 5 of Hillary Clinton's Biggest Hollywood Confidants

This story first appeared in the 2014 Women in Entertainment issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine....

Moby future of cities article
Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Tapped to Support 'Future of Cities' Initiative - Hollywood ...

Hollywood Tapped to Support 'Future of Cities' Init...

Ap208818010508 article
Hollywood Reporter

Katharine McPhee Teams Up with Hans Zimmer on Web Series

Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer and Hollywood philanthropy consultant Bonnie Abaunza this week released the second installment of their Pizza With an Icon web series aimed at connecting teens with human rights activists....

Obama a article
Hollywood Reporter

The 'Secret Sauce' in Obama's Win: Hollywood - Hollywood Reporter

Stars, it turns out, don't turn off voters as the campaign comes clean about its clandestine celebrity strategy.

Elton a article
Hollywood Reporter

10 Secret Rules of Hollywood Philanthropy

Ask an insider and they'll tell you that relationships are the fuel that propels Hollywood's film and television industries....

Hillary clinton article
Hollywood Reporter

Hillary Clinton Turns to TV to Remake Her Image - Hollywood Reporter

With the Democratic frontrunner set to appear on 'The Tonight Show,' 'Ellen' and ABC News, some strategists are wondering: What took her so long?

164236556 article
Hollywood Reporter

Key Hollywood Donor Backs Joe Biden for President, Says Others ...

Agent Jay Sures tells THR: "I believe Biden is the most qualified person to be president, and there are lots of people in Hollywood who believe the same thing."

Ap120516037922 article
Hollywood Reporter

Harvey Weinstein Urges Jews to Take on Anti-Semites: "Kick These Guys in the Ass"

"We're gonna have to get as organized as the mafia," the mogul told the audience at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's national tribute dinner, where he was introduced by friend and competitor Jeffrey Katzenberg as "a really nice Jewish boy."...

Seth macfarlane article
Hollywood Reporter

Seth MacFarlane Rallies Hundreds of Bernie Sanders Supporters at ...

Sanders was met by an enthusiastic crowd at the Avalon nightclub, where supporters paid $25-per-ticket to hear the Democratic candidate's call for a "political revolution."

Hollywood Reporter

Joe Biden: Hollywood Gears Up for Democratic Civil War as He Nears Decision on Presidential Run

A source close to Joe Biden tells The Hollywood Reporter that the vice president has given himself until Sunday to decide whether to seek the Democratic presidential nomination, a move that would set up an intense competition with current frontrunner Hillary Clinton for Hollywood’s support....

Hillary clinton 0 article
Hollywood Reporter

Hillary Clinton Shifts Hollywood Strategy: Small Events, Big Money ...

Hillary Clinton Shifts Hollywood Strategy: Small Ev...

Img 8622.jpg 1 article
Hollywood Reporter

Bernie Sanders Wows Hollywood Progressives at Two L.A. Fundraisers

After the glitz and glitter of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's fundraising trips to L.A. this week, a cadre of industry super-liberals turned out Saturday to support Sanders.

Sabo electronic construction sign article
Hollywood Reporter

Obama, Clinton Mocked by Flashing Traffic Sign in Los Angeles

The conservative artist-provocateur who calls himself Sabo and is known for his campaign poster–style send-ups of Democratic candidates and fundraisers decided to take his act on the road Monday afternoon.

Bobby shriver headshot a p article
Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reeling From Bitter Election Defeats

Tuesday's midterm elections brought defeats for many Hollywood-supported candidates....