I'm a journalist based in L.A.

I write about Hollywood, politics and philanthropy. Contact me at tinadaunt@gmail.com

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Los Angeles Times

Paperwork Snafus Keep Hundreds in L.A. County Jail Too Long

Inmates: Man held 98 days after release was ordered won $85,000 claim. Sheriff's officials blame archaic system.

Mark ruffalo celebhealthy com article
Los Angeles Times

The sum of his parts

Actor Mark Ruffalo's insinuating, low-key charm has his career in high gear, and it's been effective with audiences and critics alike.

Paul tanaka article
Los Angeles Times

The Secret Society Among Lawmen - latimes

He is still proud of his tattoo.
The somber image of Death's hooded skull and scythe tattooed onto the inside of the deputy's left ankle in 1989 initiated him into a select fraternity called the Grim Reapers. Then a street cop at the Lennox station, this deputy has risen to a key position in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department--along with other members of his "club."

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Los Angeles Times

Cusack goes to war

John CUSACK is angry. And he thinks you should be too.He's angry enough to take what might be a suicidal cinematic chance: making a stylized satire of a war in progress.As a topic, the Iraq war has......

La et cause7 2008nov07 article
Los Angeles Times

Ari Emanuel's brother has clout too

And so the winner is? Endeavor. The aggressive, A-list Hollywood talent agency has always been well connected, but things just got a lot better....

Los Angeles Times

Hollywood fights back against anti-Israeli sentiment

Left, right or center, there's two things nearly everybody in Hollywood agrees on: There's no disease that can't be cured by raising enough money and the state of Israel deserves unabashed......

Los Angeles Times

Aspiring state attorney general Kamala Harris finds friends in L.A.

Hollywood's Democratic activists may still be uncertain about which way to jump in California's gubernatorial race, but many of the industry's heavy political hitters already are lining up behind......

Los Angeles Times

Articles about Rampart Police Scandal

November 11, 1999 | TINA DAUNT and MATT LAIT, TIMES STAFF WRITERS. In the span of just a few hours Wednesday, Joseph Jones went from being a ......

Los Angeles Times

'L.A. Cafe' a breakfast stop that has cachet

Political Hollywood is a fairly small place -- more a neighborhood than a town, really. Everyone knows where you go for endorsements and where you go to raise money. But when it comes to raising......

Los Angeles Times

George Clooney depends on 'Cuz'

When IT comes to human rights, George Clooney is one of Hollywood's most active major stars. But what can any celebrity activist be without a consigliere? The man Clooney relies on for advice on the......

Los Angeles Times

The Hollywood Money Palaces

It's high season for politics in Hollywood, with the presidential primaries just weeks away, and that means the glitterati are engaged in their favorite recreational drama: political fundraising at......

Los Angeles Times

City to Pay Shooting Victim $15 Million

Approving the largest police misconduct settlement in city history, the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday voted 13 to 0 to pay $15 million to Javier Francisco Ovando, who alleged he was shot by......

Los Angeles Times

Leading modern lives inside a grand antique

There are castles in the air, castles in the sand. And there is Castle Green, which is not really a castle either, but a fantastic folly created from the imagination of a Victorian architect with a......

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Los Angeles Times

Book review: 'Unbearable Lightness' by Portia de Rossi

Some remarks, like radioactive elements, have a lingering half-life that allows them to poison one generation after another. One that still contaminates our body-obsessed popular culture is the......

Los Angeles Times

Hollywood wife has a green touch

KELLY MEYER is barreling down PCH in a massive black Ford pickup truck sputtering fumes that smell like French fries.It isn't exactly the sort of vehicle you'd expect the wife of a powerful studio......